Let's Move Beyond Self Help

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The Wisdom to Know the Difference

What if we could all better understand how we interpret the world around us?

We've seen how much data companies know about us. We know that our data is being used to affect our decision making when it comes to the things we buy, the shows we watch, and even the news and content that shape our opinions. Our patterns of behavior are the modus operandi of big tech. They know when, how, and even why we make the decisions we do. Yet the more they know about us, the less we seem to know about ourselves. How do we change that? Particularly when it comes to our health, where the stakes could not be higher. We may not be able to change the complexities of contemporary living, but there are things we can actively do to live better.

Storytelling sprinkled with AI, data science and privacy protections is the formula Lotic uses to drive better living. Stories reveal our core beliefs, motivations, and interpretation of our experiences. According to the American Psychological Association, people can best affect these things when they can openly share without judgment—when they feel heard. Our responses to difficult topics like, "Do we see the stranger as a potential ally or threat? Are we open and engaged or defensive and protective? Are we the hero or the victim?" are filtered through our interpretive lenses and directly impact our behaviors, actions, and attitudes. In turn, these behaviors, actions, and attitudes impact our stress levels, nervous systems, and even our ability to process information and make informed choices.

Like a skilled therapist who, over time, gets to know a client, Lotic can see and hear beyond what users are actually saying to uncover the emotions, beliefs, and past experiences that are motivating a person's actions and behavior.

Lotic leverages the techniques used by psychological experts and data analysts to build a powerful system that consolidates and makes sense of the vast amount of data that makes you, you—to help you make better decisions for your well-being.

Let's move beyond self-help. Let's empower self-wisdom. To Live. Life. Better.

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