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Author: Ellen Lindner
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Positive mindfulness

In psychological terms, reappraisal is a process by which we form meaning to cope with events in our lives. Positive reappraisalhappens when we can view negative events as non-harmful or even beneficial to us.

A new field of research has connected positive reappraisal to positive health outcomes. At the core of positive reappraisal is what we might call "finding silver linings," and it's a skill that can be learned, practiced, and applied to any number of situations.

This strategy involves applying personal positive meanings to negative reality, and recent literature indicates this coping method is especially prevalent in older adults seeking to improve mental health outcomes. According to research, these mental health benefits are even more pronounced in the context of physical illness, where this core mindfulness practice could be a powerful tool in managing age-related illness, chronic pain, and recovery.


Ellen Lindner

Illustrator, Writer

Ellen Lindner (she/her) is a cartoonist, illustrator, educator and editor based in upper Manhattan. Ellen's illustration clients have included Ray-Ban, SONY Playstation, LEGO, Dotdash, Workman, Bloomsbury, Ernest and Julio Gallo, and the City of New York, for whom she created art for a series of informative animations about COVID-19 precautions that ran on TV and web during the summer of 2020. Her comics have been seen on, The Washington Post, World War III Illustrated, and in many anthologies and collections. Ellen is currently working on The Cranklet's Chronicle, a comics history of gender and baseball, and has previously produced two graphic novels, Undertow and The Black Feather Falls. She holds a graduate degree in illustration from the University of the Arts, London (Camberwell College), and her activist art is in the collection of the SmithsonianInstitution.

Website: Instagram: @ellenlindna

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