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Storytelling for emotional regulation

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live” - Joan Didion

Our stories are a treasure trove of untapped data, which explains why social media has tried to tap into them, even developing real-time platforms for your Stories, aimed at collecting more information on who you are for their profit.

But that’s not what Lotic does. Lotic is a platform to help you collect your stories in one place and then apply powerful AI tools to sort and analyze them. We empower you to be your own storyteller and data scientist in the pursuit of helping you make better, personalized decisions for your physical, emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal health.

In other words, we want you to tell your story to help you live life better.

Over time, as you add to your stories, you also create an incredible amount of data -- data that you control. You choose when and who you share your stories with.

But the effects of telling your story are also more immediate.

A new research field suggests that storytelling or “putting feelings into words” can be a powerful emotional regulation tool. This concept is based on the strategy of affect labeling and suggests that merely talking about negative feelings can improve how we feel.

Though still a very active field of research, affect labeling is being studied as a potential tool that addresses phobias, anxiety disorders, and even trauma.

Many of us practice affect labeling whether we know it or not: be it talking to a therapist, venting to a friend, posting on social media, or writing in a journal. When we consciously label our negative emotional states, we can also reduce the stress of the experience. Lotic’s prompts allow you to tell your story with more regularity, with a suggested engagement to start of just ten minutes per day.

In a world where people are often accused of being self-absorbed, oversharing, and more concerned with likes than love, Lotic believes in the immense potential for better living created when people know more about themselves.

This doesn’t just mean more words.

We need more stories.

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