Use Cases

Personalized Learning… No Matter Your Story

Lotic helps users understand their bigger well-being picture by engaging them in personalized learning, content, & skill-building.

Who Is Lotic For? You

Lotic offers a place to be heard & the powerful tools to personalize care

As users add more stories, more touchpoints are provided that enable more effective and personalized resources.


Mental Health

Lotic’s digital therapeutic system acts as a powerful outreach tool to destigmatize and educate users on mental health. It scales initial screenings, identifies high-risk individuals, and teaches the fundamentals of emotional well-being.

“Being able to process, and learn from, my day helps me better understand my reactions and choose how I want to respond.”

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Addiction & Recovery

Lotic provides a powerful support system in recovery planning for both providers and patients. Lotic can identify triggers, flag physical and emotional stressors that often lead to relapse, and empower care teams to intervene when necessary.

“I am more aware that it’s not just my body that needs to heal, but my mind.”

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Lotic puts the tools being used by big tech to drive behavior into the hands of cancer patients. With remote monitoring, symptom tracking, communication with care providers, and collaboration across specialists, Lotic delivers relevant information and personalizes next steps.

“I needed to talk about this anxiety. I am not defined by my diagnosis”

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We thank them for their service, but there is truly an epidemic of post traumatic stress, addiction, and mental distress for many servicemen and servicewomen returning home from active conflict zones. Lotic puts the skillsets of psychological experts and data analysts in the hands of our returning soldiers and identifies those who need more aggressive interventions. Lotic can promote mental and emotional management skills, adding a powerful tool for processing stress and building resilience.

“I still struggle, but now I have skills I didn’t before.”

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Police & First Responders

Our front-line responders have never been asked to do more, working in almost constant states of trauma. The result: their health and well-being are in jeopardy. Lotic provides first responders a path of self-reflection and recommended actions to help them decompress and process stress. The system also identifies users who may need an intervention, and it can flag concerns ensuring no one is ever left entirely alone. .

“Work has been consuming me. When can I take a break?”

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Chronic Pain

For patients living with chronic pain, Lotic supports self-managed care and self-reflection by delivering information, education, peer support, and mental health resources. The Lotic system helps monitor pain progression, predict behaviours, and identify triggers and intervention to improve health outcomes and make patients active & engaged partners in their pain management.

“This connection between mind and body…wow. It’s better to have the whole story. I can even predict a flare up now!”

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Chronic Gastrointestinal Disturbances

Lotic gives those suffering from chronic gastrointestinal problems the ability to understand the complex factors that contribute to their condition. By uncovering both physiological and psychological patterns, Lotic enables better decision making for more effective self-management.

“Those butterflies in my stomach…they actually started as thoughts.”

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Lotic puts the skillsets of mental health experts and data analysts in the hands of sworn staff and social workers as they support the transition of recently paroled individuals. Lotic can identify triggers, flag physical and emotional stressors that often lead to recidivism, and empower interventions when necessary.

“It’s like there’s more space between my thoughts and actions now…”

Community Threads

The Lotic system also includes our community threads feature, which re-imagines the possibilities of group support and our shared stories.


Lotic Threads are built on the foundation of brave spaces, which encourage dialogue and sharing while maintaining individual accountability to maintain an uplifting environment. We recognize that Lotic community members arrive with their own set of unique experiences – and that the process of sharing can empower users to develop new perspectives and expand their network of support among like-minded individuals. This feature further empowers custody and a more continuous relationship with users, who will be encouraged to reflect and share their stories in a safe, secure, and moderated environment.