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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Lotic?
Lotic is a well-being insights company focused on the power of story.
What does Lotic do?
Lotic is actively building a comprehensive engagement ecosystem designed to help people build awareness, purpose, and connection through story sharing.
What does Lotic mean?

A lotic ecosystem is one in which water moves rapidly and continuously. Like water, our lives are constantly in motion. 

Our mission is to help people learn to navigate steadily and clearly see themselves and the world around them. 

Through the power of story, we believe people can grow, progress, and achieve greater levels of confidence, optimism, and purpose. 

What are well-being insights?

The term "well-being insights" refers to the knowledge users gain about themselves when we analyze their audio reflections.

By uncovering and exploring what shapes how people think, feel, and act, users can gain agency over those influences. Then they can use this knowledge to build healthy habits and develop beneficial practices that enhance well-being.

What does Lotic mean by the power of story?

When we talk about story, we’re not referring to any particular story or a “once upon a time” kind of tale. 

As human beings, we tell stories about everything. It’s literally how we learn. It’s how we understand the world, each other, and ourselves. Stories help us feel control in the face of confusion or uncertainty.

Our ability to understand and own our stories—to embrace the stories that strengthen us and reframe those that are limiting—is incredibly empowering.

We believe that people can change their lives through the power of story.

How is Lotic different from other well-being companies?

There are many reasons why Lotic stands out, but two factors are especially important:

  1. Our focus on the power of story

  2. Our unique combination of technology, science, and the creative arts

 This approach makes it possible to create a science-based and technology-powered audio reflection and story-sharing experience that is innovative, engaging, and committed to human self-empowerment.

What role does AI play within Lotic?

Lotic uses machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to analyze the recordings people make when responding to prompts and sharing their stories.

These algorithms can provide personalized insights that help people uncover patterns in thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

These algorithms can also make personalized recommendations for new and relevant learning and well-being content.We do not use AI to create our learning and well-being content. This content is created entirely by a multidisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians, educators, and creatives.

When will the Lotic platform be available to use?
We are currently in a closed, invitation-only beta. If you'd like to learn more about when Lotic will be available, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram
Will Lotic be free, or will I have to subscribe once it’s available?
At Lotic, we're working on making sure our ecosystem is widely accessible. 
Are you hiring?

We are open to hiring and growing our team. Visit our Careers page for more information.