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Our Mission

At Lotic, we know that the stories people tell shape how they see themselves and the world around them—it’s their “lived truth.” With the right information, we believe people can grow, progress, and achieve greater levels of confidence, optimism, and purpose.

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We believe in:

The power of an unfiltered story told out loud.
Data being used only for good and never to harm.
Technology as a tool that should be Helpful. Insightful. Ethical.
Privacy, agency, & anonymity as human rights.
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Lotic was founded on the idea that humans deserve to be in control of their digital selves. We aim to create tools that help people recognize the power within their stories and to use that power to approach the future with clarity and agency.

Social Impact

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With social good at our core, we’ve created a team focused on collaborating with NGOs dedicated to often unheard or overlooked communities.

We’ve provided underserved populations and their caregivers an early version of the Lotic ecosystem to give them a safe place to share their experiences.

Partnering with RAND Corporation to transcribe, translate, and analyze the data, we then shared our results with international aid agencies and NGOs so they could better tend to the needs of their populations.


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Population shares their experience on Lotic’s ecosystem.
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RAND provides us with data insights.
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We share our results with NGOs.
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NGOs utilize the results to help their populations.

We hope to continue this work. If you know of an organization that might benefit from population insights like these, please get in touch.

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Stories Like Water

A lotic ecosystem is one in which water moves powerfully, rapidly, and continuously. The world around us is a raging river of rapid change: ecological, political, social, and technological.

Our mission is to help people thrive amid this complexity. To learn to navigate steadily. To see clearly both ourselves and the world around us.

Through the power of story, we can shape and reshape the landscapes of our lives.


Everything is rooted in story.

Every moment. Every thought. Every idea. Stories guide us.

Sometimes, they protect us. Sometimes, they mislead us. Sometimes, they tell us to go after our dreams.

What happens when we share our stories out loud? It feels good. We uncover patterns in our thoughts and behaviors. We learn more about ourselves. We grow stronger, more capable, and more confident.