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Find the power in your story.

Welcome to Lotic, the most insightful and transformative well-being ecosystem.

Rooted in science.
Enabled by technology.
Powered by story.

Lotic brings together behavioral science, storytelling, and data-powered insights so you can build healthy habits that enhance your well-being.


Life-changing moments begin with science-backed storytelling prompts.

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Find the Message
Within Your Story

Created by a team of scientists, clinicians, educators, and creatives, Lotic’s storytelling prompts are designed to get you thinking and talking.

With specially curated questions, you might share a private story that will help you realize new things about yourself, both before and after you review your personalized insights. These realizations can change future moments for the better, making tomorrow brighter than today. That’s the power of telling your story.

Dive deeper into your thoughts, patterns, and behaviors with short, insightful lessons.

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Learn and Grow

Through engaging, bite-sized lessons created by a team of well-being scientists and experienced content creators, you can begin to learn complex social and emotional concepts and how they apply to your own life.

Understand emotional management, learn how to set clear boundaries, or work on forming a better relationship with your inner narrative—all through dynamic, interactive videos or slideshows that make discovering yourself fun.

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Self-reflect with our
journaling tool.


Laugh It Out. Cry It Out. Let It Out.

Studies show that journaling out loud can help you say more.* With no backspace key or ability to edit, you might feel free to let go and share your story in Lotic’s safe Recording Room.

The reflections you share are processed and analyzed by Lotic’s AI-driven Wisdom Engine™ to help you uncover patterns in your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

*“Verbalizing thoughts can lead to more elaborate and nuanced self-questioning, allowing individuals to delve deeper into their inner experiences.” (Mann, 2016)

Get clear on what motivates you or what might be blocking you with intuitive, easy-to-understand insights.

The power of story

Know Your Story and the Power It Holds

We all have stories running on loops, ranging from the helpful, “I can take on the whole world!” to the limiting, “I’m not good enough.”

When you share your stories out loud, you can begin to reveal which ones are in control. This could help you gain more agency over their influence so you can live a more informed and peaceful life.